The Altar of Answered Prayer (Part 2)

In this second part of this series, I will be discussing another important reason why our prayers are not answered. One of such reasons is if you are praying to a strange god on the altar of the Living God or praying to the Living God on the altar of a strange god. This was exactly what happened on Mount Carmel. I mentioned it in the first part of this series that Carmel in Hebrew language means Vineyard of the Lord. Mount Carmel used to be the mountain of the Lord before Jezebel chased the prophets of the God Israel out of the place and converted it the mountain of Baal. However, by his presence, Elijah had secured the mountain for the Lord. The mountain no longer belonged to Baal. It had become the altar of the Lord.

Therefore, praying to Baal on Mount Carmel amounted to praying to a strange god on the Lord’s altar. If you pray from now till eternity, you will never get any answer. That is why the eight hundred and fifty prophets of Baal cried and cut themselves with knives from morning till evening without any spark not even to talk of fire from heaven. People in this category are those who come to the house of God praying to the strange god of angels, pastors, doctrine and occultism. There are also those who go to some shrines of the so called Catholic saints and to the tombs of some men and women of God to pray.

Before our prayer can bring fire from heaven, the altar before we stand must be the altar of the Living God. Our heart must be ablaze with the fire of the Holy Ghost. It is the fire of the Holy Ghost in the heart that attracts the fire from heaven. The fire that is coming from heaven is coming purposely to consume the sacrifice on the altar. So if there is no sacrifice on the altar for the fire to consume, God will not bother Himself to send down any fire. Each time God saw the sacrifice of Elijah, He sent down fire. Your body must be a living sacrifice ready to be consumed by the Holy Ghost fire.

This series will continue. Remain blessed.

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