The Altar of Answered Prayer (Part 1)


Prayer is a form of communication between man and God. If prayer is a communication, it means that it has to be a two- way activity. The prayer request from man to God on one hand and the answer to the prayer request from God to man on the other. However, prayer has remained one way -traffic to many Christians.

Many Christians pray without getting any answer from God. As a matter of fact, unanswered prayer is a common experience among many Christians. In fact, it is so common that many people who pray are really not expecting any answer to their prayers from God. To such people, prayer is a duty and a routine exercise. That is why when many people finished praying, they jumped up and rushed out from their prayer altar without waiting to hear any response from God to whom they had directed their prayers. In this series, I will be discussing why our prayers don’t get answered. I will use the event on Mount Carmel, that is, the contest between Elijah and about eight hundred prophets of Baal.

Earlier, Elijah had prayed a simple prayer that there should be no rain or dews except at his word. Elijah did not have to shout to get answer to this prayer. By the simple and gentle words from his mouth, Elijah shut the door of heaven against rain, put the key in his pocket and walked away. This was the event that led to the contest on Mount Carmel. Let me say few things about Mount Carmel. Carmel means Vineyard of the Lord. Mount Carmel was the mountain of the Lord. It was a place the prophets of the God of Israel, used to pray and offer sacrifices to God. But the mountain was taken over by Jezebel and converted the place to an altar of Baal.

When Elijah met with Ahab, he did not allow Ahab to set the conditions for a way out of the problem. All the conditions were set by Elijah. Elijah based the whole situation on supremacy of the God that answers by fire. The condition of fire was by Elijah (1 Kings 18:24). Also, the venue of the contest was chosen by Elijah (1 Kings 18:19). The application of this is that in a spiritual warfare, never allow your enemy to set the condition for the battle. Also, never allow your enemy to choose the battle ground. What Elijah knew that the eight hundred and fifty prophets of Baal did not know is that Elijah knew that the God who shut the door of heaven against rain and dews through his prayer will also open it through his prayer. In other words, Elijah knew that key that was used to lock the door of heaven against rain was in his pocket. But the prophets of Baal failed to know that the God of Israel has given the key that was used to lock the door of heaven against rain and dews to Elijah.

Finally, one of the major reasons why we fail to get answer to our prayers is that if we allow the devil to choose our prayer altar for us or to determine for us when to pray and how to pray. These are the areas where we must take authority and dominion.

This series will continue. Remain blessed.

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